Current group members:

Graduate Students

Lebing Chen; Lebing joined the group in 2017.

Yaofeng Xie; Yaofeng joined the group in 2018.

Kelly Neubauer; Kelly joined the group in 2018.

Xiaokun Teng; Xiaokun joined the group in 2019.

Mason Klemm; Mason joined the group in 2019.

Jie Huang; Jie joined the group in 2020.

Rubyann Olmos; Ruby joined the group in 2022.

Ananya Biswas; Ananya joined the group in 2022.

Zehao Wang; Zehao joined the group in 2023.

Undergraduate Students

Current Postdoctoral Scholars

Bin Gao (2017-present) Bin joined the group in 2017.

Chunruo Duan (2019-present) Chunruo joined the group in 2019.

Weiliang Yao; Weiliang joined the group in 2023.

Current Visiting Scholars


Former Group Members:

Former Postdoctoral Scholars

Ding Hu (2016-2019), Ding joined the group in Oct. 2016.

Chenglin Zhang (2008-2015), Chenglin joined the group after obtaining his PhD in Physics from Rutgers University.

Jiangang Guo (2014-2016), Jiangang joined the group after postdoctoral work in Hosono's group.

Olly Lipscombe; Olly is now a software engineer.

Hyungje Woo (2004-2006), Hyungje jointed the group after finishing his first postdoc with John Tranquada of Brookhaven National Laboratory. He has been here since September, 2004. He is mostly working on our time-of-flight measurements at ISIS.

Hazuki Kawano-Furukawa (1998-1999), Professor of Physics, Ochanomizu University, Japan

Masato Matsuura(2002-2004), Assistant Professor, Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Japan.

Former Students

Tong Chen; Tong graduated in 2021.

Rui Zhang; Rui graduated in 2021.

David Tam; David graduated in 2020. He is now a postdoc at ORNL.

Weiyi Wang; Weiyi graduated in 2019. He is now working at Google.

Yu Li; Yu graduated in 2018.

Haoran Man; Haoran graduated in 2018. He is now working at Google.

Yu Song; Yu graduated in 2017.

Scott Carr; Scott graduated in 2016.

Mengshu Liu; Mengshu graduated in 2014.

Miaoyin Wang; Miaoyin graduated in 2013, he is now an engineer at Western Digital.

Leland Harriger; Leland graduated in 2012, he is now an instrument scientist at NCNR, NIST.

Songxue Chi; Songxue joined the group in 2005, he is now an instrument scientist at ORNL.

Chad Bircher; Chad joined the group in August, 2005

Jun Zhao; Jun joined the group in 2005, he was a Miller postdoctoral fellow at Berkeley. He is now a Professor at Fudan University

Stephen Wilson; Stephen joined the group in 2003. He graduated in May 2007. He is now a Assistant Professor at Boston College.

Hye Jung Kang, She was awarded prestigious Tennessee Advanced Materials Laboratory (TAML) fellowship and Paul H. Stelson Fellowship in 2003. She was awarded her Ph. D in May, 2005 and worked as an instrument scientist on SPINS instrument at NIST center for neutron scattering. She is now an Assistant Professor at Clemson University.

Thomas Enck, Thom passed his Ph. D qualifying exam and joined the group in 2002.

Former Visiting Scholars:

Jae-Ho Chung; Jae-Ho visitied the group as a professor from Korea University in 2018.

Chao Zhou; Chao is an undergraduate exchange student from Peking University.

Xingye Lu; Xingye is now continuing his PhD studies at IOP, Beijing.

Meng Wang; Meng is now a postdoctral scholar at UC Berkeley.

Former Undergraduate Students:

Caleb Redding; Caleb is now teaching physics for Teach for America.

Tucker Netherton; Tucker is now a graduate student at Vanderbilt University studying medical physics.

Jim Teal; Jim joined the group in 2012.

Nicolas Luttrell; Nick joined the group in 2012.

Zachary Sims; Zach joined the group in 2012.

Former High School Interns:
Serena Dai (Summer 2005)
Alice Gu (Summer 2005)
Serena and Alice created this group website. Serena is a graduate of Farragut High School, and Alice is a graduate of Oak Ridge High School, both in the Class of 2007. Serena now attends Northwestern University, and Alice attends Washington University in St. Louis.
Gabriel Dagotto (since Summer 2012)

Created by Serena Dai and Alice Gu, 2005. Updated October 2013 by Yu Song. Currently managed by Lebing Chen.